Free and open source software
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The idea of creating a Linux distribution with Firebird database came to me a long time ago when I was structuring the IT department of a company... » Read More
8 comments Posted 17 Jun 2014 Fernando Pimenta Feed
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The Friday afternoon I received an offer for an internship at Red Hat was hands down one of the most important days of my career. Every time people... » Read More
1 comment Posted 30 Jul 2014 Josh Teder (Red Hat) Feed
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Just a week after my first day at Red Hat, my friends were convinced that I had been brainwashed by open source culture.
0 comments Posted 31 Jul 2014 Derek Brown Feed
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When Versata Software sued Ameriprise Financial Services for breaching its software license, it unwittingly unearthed a GPL violation of its own and... » Read More
2 comments Posted 30 Jul 2014 Aaron Williamson Feed
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I've spent the last couple of months working an internship for The Linux Foundation, doing research on new developments and adoption trends in the... » Read More
0 comments Posted 29 Jul 2014 Ben Lloyd Pearson Feed
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Throughout most of my education, I was taught that collaboration was cheating. With the exception of teacher-sanctioned group projects, I had learned... » Read More
3 comments Posted 28 Jul 2014 Kristen DeMaria (Red Hat) Feed
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This summer I started my first ever internship. It's certainly a culture-shock to transition from school to the workplace, but I generally like to... » Read More
0 comments Posted 31 Jul 2014 Anne LoVerso (Red Hat) Feed
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On every floor at Red Hat Tower in downtown Raleigh, you’ll find a brand message sign that describes Red Hat’s values and culture. On the floor where... » Read More
2 comments Posted 29 Jul 2014 Sarah Shelton Feed
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The end of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is near, so I wanted to share with you how things worked out for me as an intern with OpenStack. Precisely, I... » Read More
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Open source tools give journalism organizations and journalists on a limited budget the ability to get the information that they need.
3 comments Posted 29 Jul 2014 Scott Nesbitt Feed
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Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud?
0 comments Posted 28 Jul 2014 Jason Baker (Red Hat) Feed
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The power to learn, the freedom to change, and the push for innovation. What is there not to love about open source software? The world of open... » Read More
0 comments Posted 28 Jul 2014 Levi Bostian Feed
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System administration can be a thankless job. To all of the tireless administrators out there who keep the systems we reply upon up and running,... » Read More
2 comments Posted 25 Jul 2014 Jason Baker (Red Hat) Feed
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Spencer Hunley is an autistic professional, former Vice Chair of the Kansas City Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities, and current board... » Read More
5 comments Posted 17 Jul 2014 Rikki Endsley (Red Hat) Feed

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