Author's Schedule

This is our author's schedule, where we keep a list of all of the pieces that we expect for the education channel.  Approved authors should have the ability to edit this page, to add articles to the list.

Ready to post:



  • (need writer) OER & Creative Commons / Christine Mytko
  • (gregdek) Common core standards
  • (gregdek) 5 questions: neeru paharia, p2pu
  • (gregdek) Do teachers care about open?
  • (gregdek) The Gunning Fog index
  • (gregdek) In-depth with Siyavula
  • (gregdek) Open Assessment banks and why they matter
  • (TBD) Undergraduate Capstone Opem Source Projects
  • (TBD) Wiki Educators - Curriculum Workshop / Wayne Macintosh


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Liked the course

I personally liked the schedule which gives me immense amount of knowledge specially Creative Common and wiki education, I am bookmarking it on classified ads site. I'll like to look more stuff like this.

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Open Source Evangelist

I will be travelling with the CIVX team and one of our Storytellers to CaptiolCamp (Developer Day + Barcamp 19th & 20th of Aug) I will certainly be covering the event, and will be posting something here within 2 weeks of getting back.

I would have added this to the list, except I don't see where to edit it from :/

Remy DeCausemaker
Research Associate
Lab for Technological Literacy
Center for Student Innovation
Building 87-1680
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623