Simplifying application development in the cloud

Everett Toews is a Developer Advocate at Rackspace, where he works every day to make OpenStack at large and the Rackspace Cloud specifically easier for both developers and operators to use. He is co-author of the OpenStack Operations Guide from O'Reilly, which we profiled earlier this year.

Everett is also a core contributor to the Apache jclouds project, an open source tool designed to make it easier for developers to build applications which are able to reap the benefits of cloud computing while being agnostic to which cloud infrastructure project lies underneath.

In this interview, we caught up with Everett to learn more about the Apache jclouds project and get a sneak peak at his talk next week at OpenStack Summit.

Contributing effectively to OpenStack's Neutron project

Kyle Mestery is an open source cloud computing architect working on the Neutron project on OpenStack, where he serves as PTL (program team lead). Neutron is the networking component of OpenStack, which handles the complex task of connecting machines in a virtual environment. Here what he's working on now prior to his talk at the OpenStack Summit in Paris this year.


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