Poll: What do we do for a living?

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(2 votes)
What best describes what you do for a living?
I work in the IT industry
40.6% (65 votes)
I work with NGO's
1.3% (2 votes)
I work in government
4.4% (7 votes)
I work for a corporation
11.3% (18 votes)
I am self-employed
7.5% (12 votes)
I work in academia (Student, faculty, admin)
11.3% (18 votes)
I work for an open source company
18.1% (29 votes)
5.6% (9 votes)

The opensouce.com community is growing fast, and we're trying to figure out who we are and what we care about. The more we know about ourselves, the more relevant our content and discussions will be.

These polls aren't scientific, but they will give us a useful snapshot of of our growing community, so we can plan better for the future.

Feel free to tell us more about you in the comments.

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Chris's picture

I work in the aviation field fueling planes, and at the same time am always looking for an opportunity to leave and enter the IT field.

Gerard's picture

I work in Education at the moment, but since I don't hold a qualification in this field, I am currently considering some university courses in technology.

Paul's picture

I manage and deal with all the technical problems at a Kinder to 12 school. I try to put as many open source software alternatives to prorpietary software onto our computers so that our students and staff always have a good range of software... We spend about AU$50,000 a year on propriatary software licensing which makes me feel a bit sick... Pushing out staff and students towards the OS software is the way of the future.

dragonbite's picture
Open Minded

I work in IT for a small financial company. I would say "unfortunately" we use mostly Microsoft products, but if they didn't then I wouldn't be here.

I didn't start in IT, I moved from Accounting to IT between 1996 and 2003 before I even touched Linux for the first time. Afterward it has been a learning experience and experiment to be able to "do everything I can with my Windows machine, but in Linux" and honestly it has take until recently to accomplish that at home.

Cam's picture
Community Member

Telecommunications, a field where there is ample opportunity to use open source software as development tools, for testing and as part of the product.