Which gadget are you most likely to give for the holidays?

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Image by opensource.com
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(4 votes)
Which gadget from our Gift Guide are you most likely to give?
Raspberry Pi
51% (146 votes)
7.3% (21 votes)
MaKey MaKey
4.9% (14 votes)
4.2% (12 votes)
Ice Tube Clock
4.5% (13 votes)
SparkFun Inventor's Kit
3.5% (10 votes)
0.7% (2 votes)
15.7% (45 votes)
0.7% (2 votes)
3.1% (9 votes)
Other (tell us in the comments!)
4.2% (12 votes)

It's getting really close to the holidays. Hopefully you've seen our gift guide and giveaway, and we'd love to know which gadgets you're most excited about.

So let us know which you think would make the best gift! Also, don't forget to register for our gift giveaway. The deadline to enter is December 11.

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Filip Krška's picture

cubieboard (http://cubieboard.org/)

Unidentified's picture

I've already procured a Raspberry Pi AND a MaKey MaKey to give away.

...not to mention various other cool things like a bag of Polymorph. (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10950 or https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10951)

Unidentified's picture

Huh. Looks like the NanoNote is popular in the poll. Still, if you can afford the much higher price, the OpenPandora is much more fun to have. (http://openpandora.org/)

asrob's picture
Open Minded

I chose Raspberry PI but I really like that clock(Ice Tube) as well. :)


Unidentified's picture

James Urias's picture

I think Beagle Bone, But I love the Makey makey and this can be given as well :)

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