open source collaboration tools
Collabortation is part of the participation pillar of the open source way. It's how we hash out the details of a project, usher the best ideas to the top, and succeed in our communities of innovation. There are many methods by which to collaborate. Which pulls out the very best in you and pushes... Read more
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open source news
Open source news for your reading pleasure. May 3 - May 9, 2014, 2014 In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we look at the new Unreal Tournament game's collaborative development plan, a website to help voters get their voice heard, and more.
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open source tools for writing
Most of us encounter parts of our workday where we must write or document something. Whether for building out the plan of a project, for the documentation of a project, or for the creation of the project itself, like an article or blog post, writing is a part of many of our daily lives regardless... Read more
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Digital Content
Today is the Day Against DRM, organized by the Free Software Foundation through their Defective by Design campaign against digital rights management (DRM), which they refer to instead with the more accurate moniker "digital restrictions management."
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open source code review
Code review is a practice that facilitates the rapid collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and supreme quality typical in open source projects. The code review social structure is a defining characteristic of a project. What is the best social structure for an open source project?
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open source news
Open source news for your reading pleasure. April 26 - May 2, 2014, 2014 In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we look at the open source Facebook animation library Pop, Red Hat's acquisition of Ceph, and more. What other open source-related news stories did you read about this... Read more
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open source code
Arfon Smith works at GitHub and is involved in a number of activities at the intersection of open science, open source, and online research. He has worked on several successful citizen science projects, like Zooniverse, a platform he co-founded where people can analyze real astronomical data and... Read more
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open source hunger solution
Co-authored by John Whitehead. For many people spring means a return to the bounty of fresh, local food from farmers markets. But for the one in five people in North Carolina who are facing hunger, that bounty is not an option. This was the challenge that we—a high-tech marketer and an engineer... Read more
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OPEN focused on stories about open source tools and systems for libraries and other open educational content from April 14 - 18. And before you curl up with your favorite book, we've got new eBooks for you to download and some discoveries from our Open Library Week that you'll want to... Read more
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events at open knowledge
Beatrice Martini is the Event Manager at Open Knowledge. With a successful event behind her, the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva (2013), she is now organizing the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin that will take place July 15 - 17.
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