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Telecomix, Anonymous, anarchy, and getting things done through the do-ocracy

Meet Pete Fein. To introduce himself, he'd tell you he programs Python, rides bikes, does yoga, and wears pants. He also acts as a liaison with Anonymous, but does not himself work on DDoS attacks or crack websites and passwords. Fein gave the opening keynote to Open Source Bridge, "Hacking for Freedom," which in reality had very little to do with hacking and very much to do with what he calls a "doocracy." » Read more


Makers: Free your hardware with OHANDA

The Open Source Hardware and Design Aliance (OHANDA) aims to do for hardware what the Creative Commons does for intellectual property and the GPL does for software: open it up. By applying open source principles to trademarks, OHANDA hopes to free devices from some restrictions imposed by patent law and foster "sustainable sharing of open hardware and design." » Read more


The Flowerpot Sessions: A music hackathon

Last summer, an independent music label tried something refreshing. They put together a music event styled after the kinds of hackathons where computer programmers collaborate at a furious pace. They work quickly and collectively on whatever projects interest the group most--and this tactic usually results in notable developments and improvements.
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Open source cufflinks, space station notification, and other last-minute Father's Day ideas

Sunday is Father's Day in many parts of the world, and while it's never too late to pick up another tie for good ol' dad (the 8-bit version is always a good choice), I've got a few more open source suggestions for you.

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LinuxCon schedule announced, including Torvalds, Mickos, Whitehurst

Today The Linux Foundation announces the lineup of speakers for this year's LinuxCon North America, and we're pretty happy to see a lot of contributors on the agenda. As a part of the event, the foundation is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Linux through various activities, including a LinuxCon keynote by Linus Torvalds. » Read more


Poll: Your mouse preferences

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Southeast LinuxFest doesn't have to end

Monday morning after a great conference can be a downer, but the conference can keep rolling right here. This past weekend's Southeast Linuxfest was full of great technical talks, as well as more community-focused ones, many by authors. If you enjoyed their talks, you may also be interested in their stories here: » Read more


What open source milestones would you commemorate on the technology calendar?

Infamous hacker zine 2600—champion of freedom, transparency, and the technophile's playful spirit—has announced that it's begun compiling the hacker calendar, which will commemorate important anniversaries in technological culture. » Read more


WEBCAST: Drive and motivation with Daniel Pink

We're thrilled to be hosting critically-acclaimed and inspiring author Daniel Pink as the next guest in our Open Your World webcast series this Wednesday, June 22 at 2 p.m. (EDT). Register now.

Note: This event was originally scheduled for June 9 and has been moved. » Read more