I posted an article not too long ago about some folks we met at the Open Video Conference last year and Brian Palmer is another great speaker that we got to witness. Brian is the Digital Channel Manager for Earth-Touch, a wildlife documentary company based out of London and South Africa. There's... Read more
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Your old phone could make a big difference to a health worker in Africa. IntraHealth International, a public health nonprofit, is launching a partnership with Hope Phones and FrontlineSMS:Medic to provide mobile phones to African health workers who offer maternal and child health services,... Read more
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Where does open design and sustainability meet Tide? The open washing machine project.
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This year on March 31, along with more than 200 groups in 60 countries, we will observe the third Document Freedom Day. This grassroots effort aims to educate the public about the importance of open formats and open standards. We've entered a time in which we store far more digitally than we do on... Read more
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Greetings from the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), held in San Francisco, CA this week. There's a lot of talk about open source, but not a lot of talk about the open source way. So it's time to tell you about the stories you haven't heard from the conference yet. The stories about the... Read more
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Our world is inherently Shareable, though it's easy to take that for granted. We are already connected by climate, roads, fisheries, language, forests, culture, and social networks, all of which are part of the commons. But how is our world becoming even more Shareable? What are the... Read more
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One of the best things about putting together is finding out about all the interesting ways open source methods and technology are being applied to solving what have been intractable problems.  From IntraHealth International we hear about a public health project with Hope Phones and... Read more
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More and more frequently, familiar "work" terms (like open source, collaboration, or crowdsourcing) jump out at me from television, movies, books, or the radio. Few corners of the world are unaffected by the culture shift towards collaboration. But sometimes, the subject matter makes you stop a... Read more
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We could be closer to consumer options for open source cars than ever before. Which begs the question, could the recent floor mat entrapment and pedal recalls from Toyota be solved in a more open way? Or better yet, could they have been prevented if they were designed and built the open source way?
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Netflix shook up the video rental industry. Now your movies can be delivered to your mailbox or streamed instantly online. The company has used elements of the open source way--a subscription-based model, support, and a thriving community that rates movies and make recommendations. Does your cable... Read more
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