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An open world: Stories from the open source community

an open world ebook coverAt, our mission is to shine a light on the places where the open source way is magnifying ideas and multiplying effort. And we remain especially interested in topics beyond technology—developments in areas like business, education, government, health, law, and everyday life.

Download the free eBookThis collection offers some of our most empowering stories. From the trenches. From the library. From the cubicle. From the capitol. From the classroom and the boardroom and the courtroom. These are our community members—and perhaps you could be in the next edition.

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  • An open world: Stories from the open source community [ePub] | [PDF]

Copyright © 2014 Red Hat, Inc. All written content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Articles in this eBook

—Phil Shapiro

—Asheesh Laroia

—Nicolas Pujol

—Rebecca Fernandez, 

—Rob Tiller

—Ruth Suehle

—Heidi Ellis

—Mel Chua

—Luis Ibanez

—Lori Mehen

—Gunnar Hellekson

—Karsten Gerloff

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