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Forges and foundations: Chalk and cheese

Forges and foundations: Chalk and cheese

Black Duck Software and North Bridge Venture Partners, working with 451 Research, are conducting the sixth annual Future of Open Source Survey. I took the survey, but one question caused me concern, considering what I do for a living. Question 11 states, "OSS [Open source software] forges and foundations have played an important role in the past few years. How will OSS forges and foundations evolve over the next 2-3 years?" Answers range from growing or decreasing equally in terms of adoption, one growing at the expense of the other, or staying the same. I’m troubled because forges and foundations serve open source project communities in radically different ways. » Read more


Forks and spoons, OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice

Forks and spoons, Open Office and Libre Office

When Oracle gained control of OpenOffice, the project forked, and LibreOffice was born. » Read more