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Open For Business: The practice effect

Open for Business

"Release early, release often. And listen to your customers."

Eric S. Raymond (esr) wrote those words in his 1997 essay "The Cathedral and the Bazaar," and, for a lot of people, they have become the mantra of the open source software movement. While this advice might seem obvious to many, that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, I’ve often benefited from esr’s maxim myself, and I’ve even come up with a shorthand for why it works. I call it the "practice effect." » Read more


My prototype beat up your business plan

The business plan is dead. Or at least that's the opinion of a panel Sunday morning at SXSW who posited that prototyping is now the way to go.

Business has shifted in the last few years. "It used to be about clearly articulating every step of the process you intended to take, embodied in a business plan," said moderator Kendra Shimmell, designer at Adaptive Path and board member for the Interaction Design Association. That was how you would explain to potential investors what you planned to do.

Is the business plan dead? » Read more