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The importance of Wikipedia

The importance of Wikipedia

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's the most important open source project of them all? » Read more


Webcast replay: Clay Shirky on open source and the cognitive surplus

Webcast replay: Clay Shirky on open source and the cognitive surplus

Micheal Tiemann, Vice President of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat, moderated our October 2011 Open Your World Forum webcast with Clay Shirky. Tiemann and Shirky explored how the principles of open source are being applied to further advance our collective cognitive surplus. » Read more


Webcast recap: Clay Shirky on open source and the cognitive surplus

Webcast recap

Today Clay Shirky joined us for a webcast on how open source takes advantage of the "cognitive surplus"—the way we use our free time more constructively for a greater cause. » Read more


Upcoming webcast: Clay Shirky on open source and the cognitive surplus

Clay Shirky webcast

Clay Shirky, known for his books Cognitive Surplus and Here Comes Everybody, studies the effects of the Internet on society and economics, and he wants you to think about how you spend your free time. Are you contributing to the trillions of hours of television passively consumed each year? Or are you really using that time, our "cognitive surplus," to contribute--to new forms of cultural production, collaborating with the worldwide talent pool for practical purposes like Wikipedia, the Management Innovation eXchange, or your local unconference? How can you leverage the power of open source to use your free time more constructively? » Read more


Has social media changed sharing?

We like to highlight the values of the open source way like collaboration, meritocracy, transparency, and sharing here on We share ideas, best practices, content, images, opinions, and much more. But has "sharing" changed with the increased use of social media? » Read more


Open books: The summer reading list

We asked contributors for their recommendations for some can't-miss summer reading. Some books are new. Some are recent favorites. All offer examples of how the open source way is being employed in areas beyond technology. From coaching individuals to unite as a team, exploring the future of management, to delving deeper into the design process, these books can offer incredible insight and a great end to the summer. Enjoy.

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