Why collective authorship is awesome for pop culture entertainment


What do you think when hearing the term collective authorship? Wikipedia or open source software might first come to mind. These are collaboratively-created products and services that enhance education, technology, and business. You might not be so quick to think of a largely overlooked area where collective authorship is gaining significance: pop culture entertainment. The comedy genre, in particular, is experiencing notable changes because of open thinking, and for the better. » Read more


Louis C.K. and the DIY DVD experiment

Louis C.K. and the DIY DVD experiment

The answer to stabilizing content and price is letting artists retain greater control of their work.

Louis C.K. likes to do things himself. He likes having control over his work and being able to share the process and proceeds however he likes. It seems to be successful. In December, he made more than a million dollars--in 12 days--from a DRM-free and modestly priced video he created and posted to his website. » Read more