Marketing open source is made for geeks

Kings of business

Up until about ten years ago, it was extremely unfashionable to be a geek. Geeks were considered the black swans of the social world: they were perceived as having limited social skills, little interest in non-programming activities, and few friends.

Fast forward to today, and things have changed significantly for the geek. Geeks today run the coolest companies, create the most cutting-edge trends, and are popular guests on the social circuit. And as the geek has evolved, so too has his or her skills: today's geeks are not just clever programmers, but they also know how to finance and market their products.

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Valuing nature: How responsible water use sustains business, communities, and ecosystems


Given the evolving global water scarcity situation, the world’s largest beverage company created a new dynamic with its bottlers and external partners, one focused on conserving local watersheds, thereby improving water efficiency, avoiding costs and maturing their water resource management. » Read more


Management innovation according to nature's genius

Management innovation according to nature's genius

The current industry model is broken. Our economy is built on a "take make waste" model that negatively impacts environmental and human systems and is not tenable in the long term. It is time to reinvent. We are gifted with an array of genius examples in nature–mechanisms and ecosystems that have evolved over 3.8 billion years and provide a blueprint for products, processes, and system organization that can be truly effective toward a healthier, resilient future. We propose that companies mimic nature and reinvent themselves around the fundamental science of Biomimicry's seven Life's Principles. This is Management Innovation According to Nature's Genius. » Read more