Z: The open source generation

Z: The open source generation

Generation Z is beginning to join the workforce. This age group--born between the early 1990s and early 2000s--has never really existed in a world without the web or lacking the widespread use of cell phones, laptops, and freely available wireless networks and digital media.

The combination of job changes caused by technology’s impact and the employment issues that come with an economic recession makes finding work a very different experience for Generation Z--vastly different what their parents, grandparents, or even siblings went through. And the workplace is finding that dealing with these hyper-connected Internet-generation “kids” greatly changes the game. » Read more


GROUND LAB Part 2: Open source and the manufacturing shift

The second major contextual situation that has influenced our company is the shift of manufacturing out of the US. With this shift, the US market is starting to lack the influence of American middle class spending habits. The general consuming structures of Fordism will apply less and less to the US market and therefore the R&D, design, and arts industries will also either move their nexuses to China or drastically change shape. » Read more