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Open source resources to teach the youth of America self-control

open source to teach the youth of America self-control

As an educator, you don't expect violence in school or prepare yourself for the inevitability of it. Even violence like suicide is far from your mind. Teachers are not prepared for that. Neither are they trained to handle behaviors that can lead to horrific violence: murder as well as fighting, bullying, sexual assualt and harassment, and alcohol and drug use. Despite the heartbreak of violence among youth in school, there is something educators, teachers and administrators alike can do.

Self-control and attentional skills can be taught to youth who are exhibiting these riskly behaviors, that cause damage in and of themselves, and can lead to even worse violence.

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Feedback loops are changing health behavior

Feedback loop

The premise of a feedback loop is simple: Give people real-time information about their actions, and they're more likely to change those actions for the better.
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