Seth Kenlon explains how to implement one of the oldest VFX techniques in open source video editor Kdenlive.
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In his latest Multimedia Makers column, Seth Kenlon gives some attention to the tools outside Kdenlive that help produce great sound for motion pictures.
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Seth Kenlon shows us how to add lower thirds to video in Kdenlive.
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Linux Story text with binary code background
The concepts and ideas of creative design should be taught, not just tools. That doesn't get you the job.
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It doesn't take long to get comfortable working in the Kdenlive timeline, but it does take a little bit of work to get efficient. Seth Kenlon offers some tips.
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Titles in video have always been difficult. It isn't the actual production of titles that's the problem—that's pretty straightforward in any multimedia program—but getting them to look good.
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Kdenlive features an advanced overlay system by default. In fact, it's almost—but not quite—nodal. Node compositing is found in dedicated compositing software like Blender and Natron. And that's by default, for free.
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To kick off a new series called Multimedia Makers on Opensource.com, Seth Kenlon shows you how to create split screens with Kdenlive. Multimedia Makers is a series of tutorials and tips on creating multimedia with Linux and its vast creative toolkit. Brought to you by slackermedia.info and... Read more
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Welcome to open education
Like other non-profit organizations, The Partnership for Appalachian Girls' Education (PAGE) faces funding challenges as it aims to achieve its mission of delivering innovative out-of-school learning opportunities for adolescent Appalachian girls.
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books about open source
Opensource.com free eBooks are one of the many ways we strive to share open source knowledge and passion for implementing it beyond technology (but there too)—in business, education, government, law, health, and other areas of our lives.  Open source in the the cloud, open source hardware and the... Read more
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