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Mailing lists: Community or communication?

Core purpose

Mailing lists seem to be the life blood of many open source projects. Here at Red Hat, there seems to be a mailing list for everything. There’s a company-wide memo-list to foster collaboration and connect with colleagues around the world and many special interest mailing lists like our home beer brewing list. Which got me thinking, are mailing lists only a way to communicate or are they essential to community building? » Read more


Open thread: How to improve our community discussion list?

open thread

Let's talk about our community discussion list.

It's a public mailing list we created some time ago to facilitate conversation about We envisioned it as a channel for communication regarding both the website and the community that sustains it—not the content we feature here. And we think we can do a better job of using this list to encourage participation in, to increase the level of transparency surrounding issues its management, and to foster collaboration between its community members. » Read more