Open*Education: 2011 in review

year in review

There is something about a new year that always seems so promising and energizing. It doesn’t seem like too long ago we were saying thank heavens for 2011, and now it’s time to bring in 2012. Before we close this chapter, let’s take a quick look at the ten most popular articles in the education community for 2011, starting with number ten and counting down.

10. How open source tools can create balanced learning environments » Read more


Montessori and the open source way

open source education and Montessori

I read with delight Steve Dennings article Is Montessori The Origin on Google and Amazon?. His arguments are firm, they accommodate a wide range of scientific facts, and they show what remarkable results can be achieved when we "follow the child." He writes well enough and clearly enough that I need not reiterate his points here--you can (and should!) read his writings directly. But there is more that can be said, particularly in understanding how open source principles and philosophies fit so well with those of Montessori education. » Read more