Software Wars: A film about FOSS, collaboration, and software freedom

open film production

The impact of software has changed our lives. But the average technology consumer doesn't realize how important having access to source code and an open development process is to our overall freedom. Keith Curtis, a University of Michigan dropout turned decade-long programmer at Microsoft turned open source advocate, wants to change that. 

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Nollywood and the copyright conundrum

Over the holidays I thought a bit about the copyright conundrum. Is copyright a vital source of creativity, or more of a hindrance?  Most of us assume that we need strong laws to prevent copying of certain forms of expression, including books, movies and computer programs. We generally take it as given that unless unpermitted copying is quashed, creators would have no incentive to create, and society would lose the benefit of their creative work. We've erected a powerful system of copyright laws, with broad scope, lengthy terms, and draconian penalties, based on these basic assumptions. » Read more


Poll: How do you get your movies?

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