ACTA's back

ACTA's back

Technology issues are now a matter for citizens of the internet and not just big corporations.

Now that the US bills SOPA and PIPA have been put on ice, attention has returned to their parent, an international treaty called ACTA. I've written extensively about ACTA before, but in summary it is an international treaty that has been secretly negotiated to ensure as little input as possible from the citizens of any country. » Read more


Why SOPA and PIPA are bad for open source

Why SOPA and PIPA are bad for open source

The widespread internet blackout last week in protest at unbalanced legislation being rushed through the US Congress was dramatic and notable. I did have some questions though on why it was important to the open source community. The way the laws have been framed by their proponents makes them look as if they are all about file sharing and specifically music and video sharing. However, the problem with them is they create badly-bounded new powers that are likely to exploited in ways that fall outside the frame. » Read more

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Did the SOPA blackout work? (And was it really a blackout?)

Did the SOPA blackout work? (And was it really a blackout?)

Yesterday I posted screenshots of 127 websites that “blacked out” to protest the SOPA and PIPA legislation before the US Congress. Another site I came across reported that 7,000 sites had gone black. There was no citation, but I believe it if you include every blog that WordPress enabled to automatically go black and if you count all of those sites I posted screenshots of as “blacking out.”

I don’t. » Read more


January 18 captured: A SOPA blackout gallery

I'll be updating this post throughout the day with more images of sites that have joined the SOPA blackout. Leave a comment with any site you'd like to be added to the gallery, which will remain here after the blackout is over. Also note that these are "above the fold" screencaps--if you have full-page captures, please feel free to send them, and I will try to get as many of those myself as possible by the end of the day. » Read more


SOPA shelved, fight must turn to PIPA; Wikipedia will join blackout

Word of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)'s demise are flying across the web. But the fight isn't over, for two reasons: » Read more

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Reddit, Cheezburger, and Anonymous will go black Jan. 18 to protest SOPA

Last week, there were some rumors that a few rather high-profile sites were considering taking down their sites, possibly in conjunction with SOPA and PIPA returning to Congress January 23 and 24. Within a day, the rumors were denied. Today, however, several have stepped up to say there will be blackouts, and January 18 is the day.

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SOPA and PROTECT IP (PIPA) keep coming; Americans keep fighting back

The No SOPA Chrome extension

The fight against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) isn't over. It returns to the Senate table late this month--as does PROTECT IP. » Read more