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What do you use to read your email?

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Email. The communication tool we love to hate. Personally, I'm trying to reduce the amount of email I get. I've switched most of my mailing lists to digest. And #noemail is an option I can only dream of at this point.

I remember the first email client I used, » Read more


Tell us: Do you prefer to top post or bottom post?

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When responding to an email do you post your response at the top or the bottom of the email?

And some other food for thought... » Read more


What issue influenced open source the most in 2012?

open source in the stars
Many big issues developed in open source in 2012. We highlighted the top articles on opensource.com in these areas:

Resolve to be more open in 2013

Open ant trail

It's a new year, with new opportunities for the open source way to change and innovate life, education, government, business, health, and law. For each of us as individuals, 2013 is a chance to resolve to be more open. Check out these ways to start this New Year's resolution off right, and in the comments below tell us how you plan to practice openness. » Read more


What are you doing over the holidays?

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Happy Holidays from opensource.com! 

We hope that you have a great break (if you get one!) and spend some time doing the things you like most. Many of us will spend it doing a mix of activites, like:  » Read more

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What's your favorite open source phrase?

open source sayings

They're not our favorite movie quotes but I've caught myself saying some of the more popular open source phrases more than once. It might be an analogy that we use to describe what open source is or perhaps a conversation starter. » Read more


Which gadget are you most thankful for?

mobile phone

It's that time of year when everyone pauses to be thankful. At opensource.com, we want to know which gadget you're MOST thankful for. Which device could you not survive without? Personally I know I'm 100% attached to my smart phone.  So you know my vote. » Read more


Linux distributions come in every flavor

one size fits all

Linux distributions are operating systems for desktops, servers, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, and tablets (and some minimal environments). These poll choices are only a few of the many different ones out there. Specifically, they rank among the top ten on DistroWatch (over the last 12 months). » Read more


Tux the Cat: A crowdsourced name


According to Examiner.com, people choose names for their pets with the same intent and emotion as naming their children. But some would say it's just a little too strange to crowdsource a child's name than a pet's name.

Maybe, who you're asking and crowdsourcing from that could make all the difference—strangers or friends? » Read more


Who would you take...fishing?

open source question and answers

This poll is based on a life situation you will likely never find yourself in, but isn't it fun to ponder who you would take and why (comments)? » Read more