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Poll: Is the very concept of intellectual property outmoded?

Is the very concept of intellectual property outmoded?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


Poll: Should information generated from government funded projects be publicly available?

Should any and all information generated with government funding be publicly ava

What do you think? Does the information paid for by taxes in a democracy belong to the people who helped pay for it? Or maybe governments have a right to keep secrets and an interest in doing so--everything can't be open. » Read more


Poll: Should every city and airport have free wifi?

Open wifi

Whether you travel often or just occasionally, paying for wireless is something many of us face. Whether it's at airports or hotels, many people opt to use a free network first.

Some cities and airports are starting to provide free wireless to the public. Is this a new trend? Are the days of paying for wireless access coming to an end?

Let us know what you think.


Poll: Have you used MIT OpenCourseWare?

Open education and MIT OpenCourseWare

The decision by the MIT faculty in 2001 to allow anyone to use their course content was a groundbreaking move, one that has opened education profoundly. Since then, an estimated 100 million individuals have accessed MIT's resources. » Read more


Poll: Google, Motorola, and patents

We're sure you have some other thoughts on this. Chime in using the comments after you vote.


Poll: Open source implantable medical devices

Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, recently gave a talk at OSCON 2011 explaining why free software is critical on implantable medical devices. (Sandler has a defibrillator.) She's wants the FDA to collect and examine the source code used in such devices, and make the code publicly available.

Should people have the right to examine the source code of medical devices implanted in their bodies?


Poll: Why hasn't patent reform become a bigger political issue?

With a recent op-ed in the Economist and a segment on NPR's Planet Money, it seems as if an awareness of the high cost of the outmoded, traditional patent system is finally creeping into the mainstream.


Poll: Your favorite open source conferences

After you vote, tell us why you made your choice and tell us about your favorite open source conferences.


Poll: How long should copyrights last?

After you vote, chime in on the comments with your thoughts on copyrights and why you voted the way you did.


Poll: Do you use a Creative Commons license?

After you vote, tell us why you use the license you do in the comments below.

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