Poaching prevention: It’s not a problem. It’s a symptom.

Recently, I was watching a nature program on bowerbirds. When it’s mating season, these industrious little creatures build elaborate nests (bowers) to draw in female bowerbirds. They decorate with colorful bits of trash (some are particularly partial to blue items) and steal bottlecaps and feathers from their competitors’ bowers. They even use optical illusions within their bower designs to make themselves appear larger to their would-be mates. When at last a male draws a female bowerbird into his bower, he struts and dances and sings just long enough to convince her to mate. She heads up into the trees to build a nest for her eggs, and he’s back in his bachelor pad looking for his next mate. » Read more


Are the "Best Companies to Work For" really the best companies to work for?

The other day I noticed that the application deadline to be considered for the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list is this week. My company is too small to be considered for this honor (you must have at least 1000 employees), but I always pay close attention when the rankings come out, and I'm sure many of you do as well. » Read more