Bohemian broadband and the FOSS/maker culture

Bohemian broadband and the FOSS/maker culture

Last month, Verizon announced their HomeFusion broadband Internet service, which provides faster-than-DSL Internet service to a broad swath of rural America. After paying a one time fee of $200 for a device that hangs on the side of your house, you can live anywhere Verizon's LTE cell phone service reaches and receive fixed wireless broadband Internet at that location for $60/month.

For the longest time, rural home dwellers have had very poor choices for high-speed Internet. Some chose to use satellite Internet service, but that was often a costly and unsatisfactory solution. Verizon's new option is going to be » Read more


An open letter to my longtime friend Google

Dear Google,

We've been together a long time. Had a lot of good times together. There are so many things about you I love. Gmail, great idea. Docs, very useful for sharing. I call GOOG-411 all the time. Heck, I even tried out Knol. (That was just me, wasn't it?) But I'm starting to think you might be losing sight of your best feature--that whole "don't be evil" thing. » Read more