Welcome to the law channel

We talk about open source a lot at Red Hat, but other interesting things come up. Last week I had a burrito with my colleague Jake Sullivan, who graduated not long ago from the University of North Carolina with a major in American history. Although I'd been working with Jake for more than a year, I had not got around to comparing notes with him about historians. I mentioned a couple of dark chapters of the Civil War that I thought needed deeper scholarship. Jake assured me that there was significant work already out there, and even provided me with a reading list. » Read more


Welcome to the government channel

Governments have a responsibility to provide services for the well-being of their citizens in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  We believe that openness, transparency, and collaboration can provide government leaders with a better way to achieve these goals.  On this channel, we'll talk about open source in the government context by sharing successes, as well as challenges, so that all of us can hold our government leaders accountable for the choices they make. » Read more