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The dog days of summer are upon us at, so we thought we'd throw a fun caption contest! We're pleased to announce the winners.


Winners of the 2013 caption contest

Grand prize ($500 worth of eBooks from O’Reilly Media):

...and this pic, dear children, was taken outside the cathedral near the bazaar. (submitted by Varun)

Second and Third prizes (free registration to LinuxCon/CloudOpen conference):

Who wants to write the next line of code? (submitted by Sara Blackthorne)

Paint the world with open source. (submitted by I3o)

Fourth prize (Adafruit kit to make a solar MintyBoost):

Please Miss, if we use open source, will we get our colors back? (submitted by Cowboy Bob)

Fifth prize (one-year subscription to MAKE Magazine):

See, it's amazing when you open it... (submitted by bravestone)

Watch the live round one judging of our contest below. The final winners will selected by users who voted on our site. Be sure to catch the last few minutes if you're in need of a good laugh.

***Update: Voting is now closed. Learn more about the winners and contest results.***


** UPDATE: We are no longer accepting entries.  **

Enter our contest for a chance to win $500 worth of eBooks from O’Reilly Media, free registration to LinuxCon/CloudOpen conference, an Adafruit kit to make a solar MintyBoost, or a one-year subscription to MAKE Magazine.

To enter

  • Look at the photo above.
  • Make sure you're a registered user on (register here if you're not), and make sure you are logged in.
  • Post your own caption for the photo (be creative!) in the comments section below. Submit up to 10 captions.
  • Hint: Open source-related captions will be judged favorably!

Want to learn more about the prizes, judging criteria, celebrity judges, and important contest dates? Keep reading below.

Don’t care about the details? Skip everything below this line and post your caption in the comments at the bottom of the post. Just make sure you're logged in as a registered user.

Here are the official rules. Good Luck!


We’ve got some cool prizes lined up from our generous sponsors for the top five caption contest winners, as determined by our judges and voters. Learn more about the prizes here.

Grand prize: $500 worth of eBooks from O’Reilly Media

Second and Third prizes: Free registration to LinuxCon/CloudOpen conference

Fourth prize: An Adafruit kit to make a solar MintyBoost, a solar power charger for your gadgets

Fifth prize: A one-year subscription to MAKE Magazine.

How to enter (and judging criteria)

Entering is easy. Just make sure you're a registered user of (register here if you're not) and that you're logged in when you post your caption(s) for this photo in the comments section below. Submit up to 10 captions (all in one post or separately).

There’s no official criteria for what the captions should say or include, but given our love of all things open source, our judges will no doubt be drawn to captions that make reference to the open source way in some capacity. Otherwise, be sure your caption doesn’t violate our community behavior rules.

Deadline: August 1 at 11:59 p.m.

Picking the winners: 

There will be two rounds of judging.

Round One

Once submissions are closed our judges will reveiw the captions and select their 10 personal favorite captions. Then on August 5 at 3:00 p.m. EDT you can watch our judges live on via Google On Air Hangout narrow down their lists to the 10 best overall captions. 

Round Two

We want the community to have a hand in helping to pick the winners too. So, we’ll give you the chance to vote on the 10 best captions selected by our judges after the live Google Hangout. The captions with the most votes on August 8 at 11:59 p.m. will win.

Judges: We’re honored to have two open source celebrities help judge the contest!

  • Chris Fisher and Matt Hartley, hosts of the Linux Action Show!
  • Amye Scavarda, project manager at Acquia.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: Aug. 1 at 11:59 p.m. EDT
  • Round One Judging: live Google On Air Hangout on August 5 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Sign up for an email reminder.
  • Round Two Judging: vote for the winners between August 5 at 5 p.m. EDT to August 8 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Winners announced: August 9 at 10 a.m. EDT

Official Rules: Of course we have official rules. Read them.

Ready, Set, Go!


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tmgridley's picture
Community Member

Coming this Summer - Pleasantville part II - DEATH TO CLOSED SOURCE SOFTWARE

wolfy's picture
Community Member

1. Kids, be the change, be open source
2. The world doesn't have to be in black and white. Make it colorfull with open source!
3. Kids, open source starts with you
4. Kids, this is definition of open source, but to recognize its true power, you have to embrace it and experience it yourself
5. Open source is not the future, it's the present. All of you, however, are the future!

sejanis's picture
Community Member

1. Stallman is on Skype? Can we all talk to him?
2. You mean I can change open source for myself?
3. That doesn't look at all like flying around pillars of information
4. Curiousity, this is how you diff people
5. I'm not sure its supposed to do that, pull up the man pages
6. I bet you can't say GNU ten times real fast
7. Stickers and internet? it might as well make pie

gyanendra's picture
Community Member

I was born free, I am open source.

meine's picture
Open Enthusiast

Open Source will bring Colour to Our Children -- In Every Corner of the World


mhoungbo's picture
Community Member

Opensource, Beautifull World

meanlixo's picture
Community Member

"That L means more than Linux, it also stands for Libre, the core of everyone's freedom to get what is right"

sferich888's picture
Community Member

1: Starting a project = Fun, Learning Something new = Exciting, Watching what happens when you OpenSource it = Spectacular
2: Kids, were not in Kansas any more.
3: Every thing is more colorful when, every one can read and contribute.
4: OpenSource, showing the world how colorful life can be when we all have the freedom to contribute.
5: OpenSource, making every thing it touches brighter.

jwcampbell's picture
Community Member

With just a few key presses, Ms. Anderson shows some school children how to activate Emacs' new Laptop Skin Mode.

acalva's picture
Open Enthusiast

Spark every kid creativity with open source

acalva's picture
Open Enthusiast

Teach open source and they will learn the way to freedom

brianshoe's picture
Community Member

I'm Matilda, your teacher from the future. Today will will watch a tutorial called The Land of Crepes and Bunnies.

NarayanMotamarri's picture
Community Member

Open Source enlightens the Future of Man Kind.

Narayan Motamarri.

linuxback's picture

Open source is like a cost of book at WW II.

linuxback's picture

Open source is like saucer price.

edschepis's picture

War is over. We are now Open and Free!

acalva's picture
Open Enthusiast

Paving the way for an open source future

au_chrismor's picture
Community Member

But remember, with great source, comes great responsibility

jsmith's picture

"This is how you do a git bisect on the kernel..."

Yong Shi's picture
Community Member

Now let's open source.

bvramlow's picture
Community Member

1. Open internet, Open minds, Open source.
2. By opening the internet, we will open minds. We are open source
3. Color your mind with open source.
4.Without an open world, things are very gray.
5.Colorful minds begin with open source.
6. Open up and free our mind with open source.
7. Paint the world with open source.
8. Closed eyes see in black and white, open mids see in color.
9. View the world as it is with open source.
10. Step out of the cave, see reality as it is, go open source.

medit-symposium's picture
Open Enthusiast

I watch the kids grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself:
Open Source ... what a wonderful world

John Eddie Kerr's picture
Community Member

Children, with free software you will have more money to spend on jaw breakers and licorice strings.

besttech's picture
Open Enthusiast

Opening The Source To The World!

besttech's picture
Open Enthusiast

Open Source Open World!

acalva's picture
Open Enthusiast

For this is what we have fought, now go, learn and use open source software.

dpaterso's picture
Community Member

"Then Stallman said he would prefer that his daughter starve than for him to write unethical software..."

dpaterso's picture
Community Member

"Okay kids this one is called BOB, THE ANAL FISSURE by Joe Cidoni."

dpaterso's picture
Community Member

"Look, there she is!! Wave and say hi to Jenni."

marxjohnson's picture
Open Enthusiast

Susan's was the only house in town that had opted out of the UK government's new content filters.

jeffa00's picture
Community Member

1) See, Billy? That is the manual I was talking about when I told you to RTFM!!!
2) As I fly across the Pacific I'll be relying solely on my new Chromebook here for navigation.
3) No, Billy, it is not Ubuntu, but it is still Linux. Yes that is possible.
4) OK, Richie! For God's sake, I'll call it GNU/Linux!
5) You see, children, some people use Vi and some people are stupid.
6) You see, children, some people use Emacs and some people are stupid.
7) No, Sally, the secret police won't come get us for copying this. It is open source software.
8) It's not "free" as in "beer", but rather "free" as in "FREE BIRD!" Whooo!
9) sudo Billy --STFU

* Please note that no text editors were harmed or actually promoted in the making of these jokes.

Lev Stefanovich's picture
Community Member

1. "The source of tomorrow's innovations"
2. "Ignight their curiosity today, their ideas will build tomorrow "
3. "Giving bright minds the spark they need to unleash their ideas "

Salah TRIKI's picture
Open Minded

1. Open source: the fuel of curiosity
2. Cultivating curiosity in kids, use Open source
3. Open source as a catalyst for learning

howrad11's picture

With Open Source, All you have to do is to press this button to let everyone see the movie we created.

HackMasterFlash's picture
Community Member

Open Source: Unrestricted Possibilities.

arodriguezmd's picture
Community Member

1. Open source - Liberate your mind.
2. You too can be creative with open source knowledge.
3. Dream, Explore, Create with open source freedom.
4. Boys and Girls -- you too can create a game like this. Go to to learn how.
5. This is not a regular bug. It's a computer bug. But we can easily fix it with open source tools.

olafura's picture

The Book of Wonders and Expression

pcchynoweth's picture
Community Member

And look girls and boys, because it is open source, someone added a feature to add colour to the laptop case!

witchbutter's picture

1) You see here? Open source is where the magic happens.
2) Open source: freedom in computing.
3) Here is your portal to the open source community.
4) Freedom is the freedom to collaborate and contribute.

nitishagar's picture

Open Source - A window for coming generations to lean upon.

carltm's picture

And if we go to I can show you picture of one of these things called a book.

ajheath80's picture

1. ".....and this button submits our code to the developers for inclusion in the next build!"

2. "By contributing to the Open Source community, we are helping everyone!"

3. "With this Open Source tool, you can do alot more than with anything else on the market and even share it with your friends!"

4. "With closed source it's called stealing. But with Open Source, it's called sharing!"

5. "Sharing is Caring!!"

6. "By sharing the code, everyone can afford it!"

7. "...and that's how you modify the desktop UI yourself in your own shade of Aqua"

8. "Does anyone else want to email Linus their love letters?"

9. "And there's a photo of me hugging Richard Stallman after he sighned my Bonobo Extreme"

10. "Gather 'round kids. Here's another Youtube video of Linus telling someone to pull their head in!"

zioalex's picture

Where ever you look, Where ever you go, Where ever you think. Open Think, Open Mind , Open source will be there.
Its time to begin to be Open and see the Light.

besttech's picture
Open Enthusiast

Open source at any cost!

kystarfx's picture

Delivered by a penguin from the future ... he called it Open Source.

gmc444's picture

"So now that we've installed Wesnoth and we can begin exploring with our elf -- Ah! Orc! Pyow-pyow-pyow!"

ncaidin's picture
Community Member

You kids are rocking the Agile method to develop this treasure hunting program!

sunveer's picture

Lighten your Lives...

victorialeigh's picture

Open your mind to a new generation of possibilities.

One community, world wide, with freedom and open source for all.

Unlimited potential. Endless possibilities. Open source.

Open your mind to a lifetime of learning. The world is your classroom with open source.

Open source: you operate the system.

Open source takes collaboration to the next level.

One community, world wide, with freedom and open source for all.

Open source. Does your OS run on imagination?

acalva's picture
Open Enthusiast

In the end they will learn more, teach them open source