Person drinking a hot drink at the computer
After years as an educator, I became a professional software developer.
Collaboration starts with communication amongst teams and across silos
Clearly defining roles and responsibilities is essential to effective open source community management. Here are some ways to help you organize.
Globe up in the clouds
OASIS Open brings open source and standards communities together during this time of crisis to help define a new, collaborative future to benefit all.
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Try some of these open source tools. Get more done.
Digital images of a computer desktop
A proof of concept using AndroidXML and TotalCross provides an easier way of creating UIs for Raspberry Pi and other devices.
Hands on a keyboard with a Python book
Plotting in Bokeh is a little more complicated than in some of the other plotting libraries, but there's a payoff for the extra effort.
Gaming with penguin pawns
Linux offers plenty of great options for a work/play combo or a full gaming console setup. Take our poll to tell us your favorite.
Computer screen with files or windows open
A breakdown of many JavaScript options for frameworks—their strengths and key features.
Colorful sound wave graph
Plotly is a data plotting library with a clean interface designed to allow you to build your own APIs.