OSCON interview with Brian Holt
Life » Article
User interface engineer Brian Holt talks about the advantages of React ahead of his talk at OSCON in Austin, Texas.
0 comments Posted 4 May 2016 Don Watkins Feed
SpinachCon: It's good for you
Life » Article
SpinachCon was created to identify small, fixable problems that can save your project time and heartache.
DrupalCon interview with Greg Anderson
Business » Article
Greg Anderson is all about boosting productivity and improving development workflows. He shared some of his insights in this interview.
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7 lessons from DuckDuckGo's Instant Answers project
Business » Article
Search engine DuckDuckGo learns how to invest in their community of contributors for Instant Answers.
2 comments Posted 3 May 2016 Tal Raviv Feed
Contributing to open source software with Ian Varley of Salesforce
Life » Article
OSCON speaker Ian Varley talks about the nuances and effects of open source culture.
0 comments Posted 3 May 2016 Phil Shapiro Feed
Solving university needs with Drupal
Business » Article
DrupalCon presenter Jeff Diecks talks about the challenges of managing a university's web presence.
0 comments Posted 3 May 2016 Andrew Thornton (Red Hat) Feed
Appreciating the full power of open
The Open Organization » Article
A balanced approach to openness can yield extraordinary results, writes Jim Whitehurst.
1 comment Posted 3 May 2016 Jim Whitehurst (Red Hat) Feed
Prepare your Raspberry Pi for space with an Astro Pi flight case
Life » Article
3D printing designs have been released and full instructions on how to make your own have been provided by Raspberry Pi.
0 comments Posted 2 May 2016 Ben Nuttall Feed
DrupalCon interview with Amber Matz
Business » Article
DrupalCon presenter Amber Matz talks about the intersection of Drupal and the Internet of Things.
2 comments Posted 2 May 2016 Jason Hibbets (Red Hat) Feed
Smarthistory: No grand strategies needed, just openness
Education » Article
OSI's Patrick Masson interviews Dr. Harris and Dr. Zucker who will be panelists at the upcoming Open Summit on Monday, May 23, 2016 at NYU’s Kimmel... » Read More
0 comments Posted 2 May 2016 Patrick Masson Feed


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