First timer’s guide to FOSS conferences
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Going to your first open source conference can be intimidating, so Sarah Sharp has complied ten tips for people who are new to the conference circuit...
0 comments Posted 10 Feb 2016 Sarah Sharp Feed
Kurt Stam's LEGO-encased Raspberry Pi cluster
Life » Article
Ever wanted to make your very own cloud using a collection of Raspberry Pis? Now you can, by installing Kubernetes to control them all as a cluster.
0 comments Posted 10 Feb 2016 Kurt Stam Feed
An intro to Emacs
Life » Article
GNU Emacs can be much more than just a text editor. Learn how to get started.§
0 comments Posted 10 Feb 2016 Sachin Babin Feed
Linux system monitoring tools
Life » Article
David Both shares his favorite system monitoring tools for understanding what is going on in any Linux environment: top, atop, htop, and glances.
4 comments Posted 9 Feb 2016 David Both Feed
Building a culture of more pluggable open source
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Instead of packing in a bunch of extra features users don't want, a solid, customizable system lets them build the best solution for their needs.
1 comment Posted 9 Feb 2016 Jono Bacon Feed
My Linux Story: Tim College
Life » Article
When plans to move to Los Angeles with his band fell through, Linux and open source software helped jumpstart Tim College's IT career.
1 comment Posted 9 Feb 2016 Tim College Feed
becoming indispensable
The Open Organization » Article
Educator Don Watkins explains how an industrial-era school system produces the wrong kind of employees today.
0 comments Posted 9 Feb 2016 Don Watkins Feed
Why I fought for open source in the Air Force
Life » Article
John Allison shares why he looked to open source software when tasked with modernizing a U.S. Air Force command center.
2 comments Posted 8 Feb 2016 John Allison Feed
Creating disk images with FOG
Business » Article
Learn how to create and deploy images from a server with FOG.
1 comment Posted 8 Feb 2016 Aaron J. Prisk Feed
bridge the digital divide
Education » Article
We check in with the Kramden Institute, a non-profit in North Carolina that is helping bridge the digital divide, and we find out the role 10 new... » Read More
0 comments Posted 8 Feb 2016 Don Watkins Feed


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