What are configuration management tools?
Business » Article
Whether you maintain 5,000 machines or five, configuration management tools make the job easier.
2 comments Posted 29 Sep 2016 Ben Cotton Feed
OpenStack guides and tutorials
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Every month with gather the best in new community-created instructional materials for OpenStack, the open source cloud computing project.
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Riak TS for time series analysis at scale
Life » Article
Riak TS automatically handles the distribution of data around your cluster of nodes, replicates your data three times to ensure high availability,... » Read More
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Real business innovation begins with open practices
The Open Organization » Article
Everyone wants to be "innovative"—but what does that mean? And why is an open model the best way to achieve it? Steve George explains.
0 comments Posted 29 Sep 2016 Steve George Feed
Asian Penguins turn program into a Linux success
Education » Article
A failed Windows laptop program at The Community School of Excellence was turned by the Asian Penguins into a Linux success.
2 comments Posted 28 Sep 2016 Don Watkins Feed
10 tips for DIY IoT home automation
Life » Article
There are hundreds of projects that beginner IoT makers can implement to make their home run better.
0 comments Posted 28 Sep 2016 Dan Thyer Feed
Choosing the right metrics for your project
Business » Article
This month learn about a basic strategy for deciding what to measure in your community.
0 comments Posted 28 Sep 2016 James Falkner (Red Hat) Feed
6 open source fitness apps for Android
Life » Article
All six apps are available from the F-Droid repository and licensed under the GPLv3, providing an experience that respects the user's freedom.
0 comments Posted 27 Sep 2016 Joshua Allen Holm Feed
Web animation using CSS and JavaScript
Life » Article
To achieve animation on a website, we can use open source technologies like CSS and JavaScript.
3 comments Posted 27 Sep 2016 Nikhil Sukul Feed
A quick introduction to Audacity for teachers
Education » Article
Students love manipulating digital sound with Audacity. Learn how to use it in the classroom.
1 comment Posted 27 Sep 2016 Don Watkins Feed


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