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In this week's top 5, we highlight a guide to Logical Volume Management on Linux, container orchestration systems, successful project manager tips,... » Read More
0 comments Posted 23 Sep 2016 Jen Wike Huger (Red Hat) Feed
4 command-line graphics tools for Linux
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Learn about four command-line tools for Linux that can easily handle many of your basic (and not-so-basic) image manipulation tasks.
3 comments Posted 23 Sep 2016 Scott Nesbitt Feed
The must-have features for Perl 6
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Perl 6 is out there in production, and they're fixing 20 years of accumulated problems.
6 comments Posted 23 Sep 2016 D Ruth Bavousett Feed
7 things you need to know for WordPress development
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Besides its popularity, WordPress is also known for usability and an easy-to-develop environment.
Logical Volume Management (LVM)
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Managing disk space has always been a significant task for sysadmins. In this guide, learn how LVM can make managing storage easier.
2 comments Posted 22 Sep 2016 David Both Feed
A brief history of Drupal from 1.0 to 8.0
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A walk through Drupal's evolution chronologically, including key design decisions and feature upgrades.
0 comments Posted 22 Sep 2016 Daniel Matthews Feed
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Join our #OpenOrgChat on Twitter, today at 14:00 Eastern / 18:00 UTC.
The Queue: How can I get programmers to join our project?
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This month The Queue answers the question "How can I get programmers to join our project?"
1 comment Posted 22 Sep 2016 Jeremy Garcia Feed
Containing container chaos with Kubernetes
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You've made the switch to Linux containers. Now you need a container orchestration system.
0 comments Posted 21 Sep 2016 Terry Ryan Feed
Checking in on the Taiga project management tool
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CEO Enrique Posner talks about Taiga's 150,000 users, their developer community, and what's next for the project management tool.
0 comments Posted 21 Sep 2016 Nitish Tiwari Feed


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