The future of containers standards
Business » Article
Containers are moving targets in multiple ways, which is a natural consequence of being young and popular.
0 comments Posted 24 Aug 2016 Vincent Batts (Red Hat) Feed
Open source alternatives to Office 365
Business » Article
While many web-based office suites are closed source, there are many great alternatives available for open source enthusiasts to choose from.
1 comment Posted 24 Aug 2016 Scott Nesbitt Feed
Schools that #GoOpen should #GoOpenSource
Education » Article
Schools can save money and provide better teaching and learning with open source.
3 comments Posted 24 Aug 2016 Charlie Reisinger Feed
How to measure your community's health
Business » Article
How to measure the health of your community, identify problems, and track progress towards your goals.
1 comment Posted 24 Aug 2016 James Falkner (Red Hat) Feed
First ever FSFE Summit celebrates free software successes
Life » Article
Free software community members and luminaries will meet up at the BCC in Berlin, from September 2-4 2016.
0 comments Posted 24 Aug 2016 Paul Brown Feed
7 resources for open education materials
Education » Article
This month I've rounded up a list of seven open educational resources for K-12 and higher education.
5 comments Posted 23 Aug 2016 Don Watkins Feed
Penguins on beach
Life » Article
One Linux user shares his journey in keeping modern firmwares current.
1 comment Posted 23 Aug 2016 Steven Ellis (Red Hat) Feed
Organize your scholarly research with Docear
Life » Article
Researchers can keep track of their citations and notes, and easily include them when mapping the structure of their paper.
4 comments Posted 23 Aug 2016 Joshua Allen Holm Feed
Open education is more than open content
The Open Organization » Article
"Open education" means more than just "open content," says Jim Whitehurst. Here's how the true power of open can change education for the better.
4 comments Posted 23 Aug 2016 Jim Whitehurst (Red Hat) Feed
What do we mean when we talk about software 'alternatives'?
Life » Article
The term "alternative" generally means something not in the majority or the mainstream. When it comes to software, who picks the standard and defines... » Read More
0 comments Posted 22 Aug 2016 Seth Kenlon Feed


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