Parts, modules, containers for software

For this project, explore Raspberry Pi port expansions using Java, serial, and Arduino.
Net catching 1s and 0s or data in the clouds

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is powered by testing. Here's how.
Shipping containers stacked in a yard

When software is distributed via container images, source code should be made available in order to ensure seamless compliance with licensing.
Parts, modules, containers for software

A real-time embedded OS like RTOS makes programming embedded systems easier.
Cat wearing glasses

Navigate advanced Kubernetes administration without the command line with Lens, the "Kubernetes IDE."
Women in tech boardroom

Work more effectively by using these Git collaboration strategies.
Team checklist

Timers provide finer-grained control of events than cronjobs.
Terminal window with green text

With many new terminal options available, here's why one programmer chooses to keep it simple.
City with numbers overlay

It should be computationally implausible to work backwards from the output hash to the input.


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