Dice as a random number generator

Find an open source tool for almost every element of role-playing games.
Gaming on a grid with penguin pawns

Open source games to download for both casual and experienced gamers.
Dice on a keyboard

Learn about two terminal commands and a desktop application.
people in different locations who are part of the same team

Technology and content marketing teams can work together to reach the community around an open source software project.
Tools illustration

You may be surprised to learn that the tools you use every day are open source.
Bug tracking magnifying glass on computer screen

Five ways to make your C programs more resilient and reliable.
A pink typewriter

Everyone has their favorite markdown editor. Here are a few I have tried.
a handshake

The role of product marketing and planned messaging in a successful release.
Women programming

For specialized hardware or just for fun, Ada is a highly readable language worth learning.
Polaroids and palm trees

A script and ImageMagick make preparing images for publication quick and easy.


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