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Poll: Giving credit where credit is due

Have you ever taken credit for a coworker's idea or work?

64 votes tallied
Yes, it's just basic self-promotion.
2 votes
Yes, but I regretted it.
3 votes
Never blatantly, but I have taken more than my fair share for a group project.
12 votes
No, but it's happened to me.
21 votes
Never. I live by the Golden Rule.
26 votes

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When I was a young adult there would have been times when I might be tempted to take credit for something not my own. The problem was that my personality was very like that of a puppy and I couldn't hold up lies very well. I was well aware that others often stole my ideas. I was happy to use theirs. However, I realized early on my own limitations in that arena. It wasn't that I was too ethical to even try. It was, in part, a matter of laziness. Honesty was easier, even when it hurt.

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