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Announcing the Open Your World Forum

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The team is excited to announce our first-ever live event, the Open Your World Forum. The forum, held via webinar on Thursday, May 27, 2010, will feature presentations by leading open source thinkers in the fields of business, education, law, government, healthcare, and music. The event is free and entirely online--so join us for the whole day or any part that interests you, from your desk, your sofa, or anywhere you like.

Who will be presenting?

The day's event will be hosted by Michael Tiemann, Vice President of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat. Speakers include:

... and representatives from Open Source for America, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Free Software Foundation Europe.

The agenda is still taking shape, so check back for updates and the day's schedule of speakers.

How can I participate?

This virtual event will take place via phone and the web. You will be able to hear the presenters in real-time while seeing their content on-screen. The event is designed for maximum flexibility--join from wherever you are, and attend the sessions that interest you most. After the event, all content will be made available for playback.

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Once you have registered, will receive an email with further information about the event, including login instructions and updates to the speaker schedule.

For more, read the official release.

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