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Strategic Planning the Wiki Way

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BE BOLD.  Those were the closing words of Eugene Eric Kim's enlightening talk at our first Open Your World forum. To what was that advice pertaining? Look no further than the title of Kim's presentation: "Wikimedia: Strategic Planning the Open Source Way."

Kim is a co-founder and principal at Blue Oxen Associates, a consultancy that helps leading companies, nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, and government agencies become more collaborative. He has worked extensively with the Wikimedia Foundation, most recently helping the 9 year-old organization navigate its first-ever strategic planning process.

More specifically, with regards to Wikimedia's vision of "a world in which every human being can freely share in the sum of all knowlege", Kim and his team is helping the foundation articulate where it is today, where it wants to go in the future, and how best to get there.

Wikimedia, of which Wikipedia is the largest of the organization's 10 worldwide projects, casts a large shadow that belies its true size. Despite having one of the top 5 most visited websites in the world with over 370 M visitors per month, the organization today stands at only 35 full-time associates.  As you might expect, Wikimedia is ultimately a grassroots effort built upon the contributions of millions of volunteers around the world.

Wikimedia was not interested in just developing a strategic plan for its organization, but instead aspired to create one for the entire movement. Kim's challenge, then, has been to determine how to transform the more traditional approaches to strategic planning into a more open and scalable model suitable for Wikimedia.  More specifically, how can strategic planning be done "the Wiki way"?

To hear Eugene talk about his unique approach to this project, the challenges he has encountered along the way, and where the project stands today, listen to his archived talk.

You can also download his presentation slides.


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