Open business news roundup: Interesting articles and blogs |

Open business news roundup: Interesting articles and blogs

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This month, stories about people doing business the open source way have popped up in some surprising places. From an Israeli food manufacturer to the Wall St. Journal, here are some interesting news articles and blog posts on sharing, collaboration, hacking, and transparency I've read this month.

A New Era of Ethical Leadership?

After some protesters showed up at her front door--an easy task in a small nation of 6 million people where everyone knows where everyone lives--Olfa Strauss, chair of Israel’s largest food company, Strauss Group, spent seven hours painful and uncomfortable hours listening to what was upsetting the protesters. Her takeaway from that afternoon was that the old ways of doing business in a hyper-connected world are no longer enough. “I didn’t know,” or “I had no idea” are responses that go nowhere. Companies who thought they were raising the bar on compliance and responsibility will have to go even further and even then will face unrelenting criticism... [full story]

6 reasons journalists should ‘show your work’ while learning & creating

In a busy corner of the metajournalism world, a crowd of journalists is assembling what amounts to a public, open-source curriculum on how to do hacker journalism. In blogs, tweets, Git repositories, meetups and slide decks, they’re sharing code snippets, tutorials, data sets, How To’s and more, in ways that are often engaging and accessible to non-geeks... [full story] Goes Creative Commons: 50 Great Images That Are Now Yours photographers have the enviable job of shooting the coolest stuff and most intriguing people in the technology world. Now we’re giving away many of those photos to you, the public, for free. Beginning today, we’re releasing all staff-produced photos under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC) license and making them available in high-res format on a newly launched public Flickr stream... [full story]

New Google Ads Feature Reveals Why You Were Targeted

In an ironic twist, during yesterday's Halloween festivities, Google unveiled a new initiative designed to further allay user privacy fears and remove the "creepy" factor from targeted ads. The new feature is called "Why these ads?" and allows you to find out exactly why you were targeted for a particular advertisement on Gmail and Google search pages... [full story]

Hacks/Hackers NYC: How we made our maps

While New York was preparing for Hurricane Irene, John Keefe, WNYC’s senior executive producer for news, decided to create a hurricane evacuation map so people could see whether or not they needed to leave their homes... [full story]


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