Poll: Which layer has been the biggest victory for open source?

What has been open source's biggest victory in the cloud?

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42 votes tallied
The access level: mobile devices and clients
4 votes
The interface level: browsers and thin applications
1 vote
The application level: web applications / software as a service
6 votes
The platform level: PaaS, tools, and libraries
2 votes
The infrastructure level: servers powered by OpenStack and Linux
11 votes
All of the above!
18 votes

The cloud is everywhere. It's unavoidable. In the words of Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, "Right now, we're in the midst of a major shift from client-server to cloud-mobile. It's a once-every-twenty-years kind of change."

The good news is that at almost every level we're seeing the cloud succeed, we're seeing open source tools backing that success. The success isn't necessarily even, but for many layers within modern clouds, open source isn't just an option, it's the preferred option.

So we ask you, which layer has been the biggest victory for open source? Is it the devices people use to access the cloud, which are now predominantly running Android operating systems? Is it web software tools ranging from Wordpress to OwnCloud to a variety of CRMs, email clients, and more? Is it the platforms and technologies powering these applications, from libraries to databases to developer tools? Or is it the infrastructure level, the rock-solid Linux operating system and virtualization management systems like OpenStack?

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