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How do you contribute to open source projects?

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Here at, we cover ways to contribute to open source projects on the regular. A few of our favorites are:

How you do you contribute to an open source project?

Coding is only one of the many ways, but what is your strength? We all have natural talents and skills—share yours with an open source project today by reaching out to a community manager, or someone you know that works on the project. They'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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kendell clark
I contribute to open source projects mainly by filing accessibility bugs against graphical applications, and writing documentation. I have been working for several years on improving the accuracy and naturalness of the espeak text to speech synthesizer, and have done a fairly good job if I do say so myself. I'm a member of the fedora project where I work on accessibility related documentation, and I develop an accessible linux distribution called sonar gnu linux, which is based off of arch linux and contains the gnome or mate desktop with accessibility enabled, and the orca screen reader on by default. It also works with refreshable braille displays out of the box, or is supposed to. Did that sound like a sales pitch to anyone but me? Lol I didn't mean it to be quite that long, but shrug.
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