Poll: Does your company have a plan for adopting containers?

Does your company have a plan for adopting containers?

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Linux containers are definitely attracting a lot of attention as cloud-native alternatives to virtual machines for application isolation and deployment, but where does your company sit on the adoption spectrum?

As organizations grapple with how best to make business decisions in the face of challenges from limited resources, both human and capital, and find the speed of competition rapidly advancing, they must look to not just new technologies but new paradigms in order to stay afloat. Many organizations are looking to Linux containers as a part of this solution.

Containers are, at one level, a speedy alternative to the virtual machine. But to truly make the best use of containers, it is worth revisiting your application architecture. Would a move to microservices for some of your applications make sense? Transformation doesn't happen overnight, but many organizations are at least starting to consider how containers will fit into their overall IT strategy, and some have already taken the plunge to run containers in production.

Is your company planning for a future with Linux containers?

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