About the Business channel

"The times they are a-changin'."
- Bob Dylan, 1964

We see it all around us. Tried-and-true business practices cracking. New methods of doing business taking root. Internet, flat world, social media, oh my.

The basic tools that allowed big business to emerge--even the very management model beneath--are in desperate need of an update to support us in an increasingly complex world.

Simply put, we believe the future of business is open.

Many of the principles that have made open source an innovative software development model will stimulate innovation while creating an environment better suited to a 21st century world. In any part of any business anywhere.

This channel highlights examples where the open source way has been (or could be) applied to improve businesses. Not just in software development, but in the management, culture, operations, brand, research & development, or any other part of the business.

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