65% of companies are contributing to open source projects
Black Duck's 2016 Future of Open Source survey indicates open source is viewed as an engine for innovation, yet most companies still have no policies for tracking and securing open source code.
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What is an open source program office?
Six common traits of successful open source programs, and a look back at how the open source program office evolved.
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What can you do with open data?
Play a word association game and the word "open" will almost surely be followed by "source." And open source is certainly an important force for preserving user freedoms and access to computing. However, code isn't the only form of openness that's important.
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OpenStack News
Catch up on the latest OpenStack happenings in's weekly open source cloud roundup.
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A step ahead on Drupal 8 with easy accessibility design
Catharine McNally and David Spira of Phase2 will present Easy Accessibility in Drupal 8: Practical, Compassionate, and Cost Effective at DrupalCon NOLA 2016.
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2016 Open Source Jobs Report: Developers, DevOps, and certifications wanted
The Linux Foundation and partnered to survey almost 5,000 open source professionals, and this week they unveiled the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report. The job market is hot for developers, DevOps, and open source professionals with certifications.
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OSCON interview with Andreia Gaita
GitHub's Andreia Gaita shares what she's learned in her 16 years as a cross-platform developer and more ahead of her talk at OSCON in Austin, Texas.
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DrupalCon interview with Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson is all about boosting productivity and improving development workflows. He shared some of his insights in this interview.
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7 lessons from DuckDuckGo's Instant Answers project
Search engine DuckDuckGo learns how to invest in their community of contributors for Instant Answers.
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Solving university needs with Drupal
DrupalCon presenter Jeff Diecks talks about the challenges of managing a university's web presence.
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