Community moderator program version 2

This is a revision to version one of the community moderator program with proposed (now accepted) changes to expectations and additional benefits and opportunities.

Updated January 2014
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Points and badges

Points and Roles | Roles and Badges | FAQ

Our points, roles, and badges system measures your social interactions with our content and our community. This system is how we reward and recognize the most diligent and thoughtful contributors—our authors, commenters, editors, admin staff, and more. » Read more

Rules for comments and discussions

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We're glad you're here--and can't wait to see what you think about today's latest open source topic. » Read more

How to submit an image

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Thanks for your interest in creating images for We're always looking to collaborate. Below are some guidelines to consider before you start work:

Image guidelines

1. strives to publish visual content which embodies the following qualities: » Read more content licensing and copyright

Written content and images are default CC BY-SA

Almost all content on is licensed under CC BY-SA, Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-ShareAlike.

We encourage you submit your article to us under this license, however you can attribute it however you see fit. We simply update the information in your article to reflect that.  » Read more

Examples of channel topics

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Each channel has its own list of appropriate topics--but these lists are by no means a limit. We'll add to these lists as we think of things or see new ideas, and welcome suggestions or additions—just contact us. » Read more

Submit your story

Submit your story

Articles on

We welcome submissions that tell a story about how open source software, hardware, and/or metholodogies were used to create, build, design, and/or inspire an open source project. » Read more