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Open Forum connecting small business owners

Posted 20 Dec 2009 by 

Jason Hibbets (Red Hat)
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I was watching some NFL on TV today when a commercial about open forums came on that caught my attention. The ad was for, an online community designed to help business owners grow their business. It's sponsored by American Express.

One of the things I liked when I visited the site was the idea hub. It had topics like innovation, lifestyle, and technology with topic experts in each area. Sometimes, creating a place to host the conversation and get advice is a great start to helping business be more successful. We need more successful small business now, more than ever, with these economic conditions.

We'll keep on eye on AMEX's Open Forum and we've sent this over to our business channel for them to discuss. Let's hope that Open Forum is incorporating concepts like the open source way and open standards when providing advice and discussing topics.

Are you a member of the site and using it? What are your thoughts about Open Forum?



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I had a look at Open Forum it looks good, it's a good idea. I know it is sponsored by American Express but it is a shame you cannot register without an American Express card.

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Take a look at my follow-up article where it describes how they are now connected with Linked-In:

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