Which Linux distribution do you use?

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Your Linux distribution of choice says a lot about you. Of course, one of the many great things about Linux is the diversity of options you have to choose between. Maybe you like a slimmed down minimalist option. Maybe having all of the bells and whistles is important to you. Or maybe you just prefer a distribution that you find easy to use.

Whatever your preferences, chances are, there's at least one distribution out there that's a perfect fit for your needs. Because of the huge number of choices, which we couldn't possibly list all here, we relied up DistroWatch.com to provide us with a starting point of the ten highest ranking distributions from the past twelve months.

"The DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking statistics are a light-hearted way of measuring the popularity of Linux distributions and other free operating systems among the visitors of this website. They correlate neither to usage nor to quality and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions. They simply show the number of times a distribution page on DistroWatch.com was accessed each day, nothing more."

When we asked this question in 2015, over four thousand of you took our poll and many others joined the conversation in the comments.

So let us know: Which is your favorite distribution for daily use? And if your favorite isn't in the list, let us know in the comments below. More importantly, we'd curious to hear why you pick your chosen distribution: let us know why you think your distribution is a great pick!

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8945 votes tallied
13% (1121 votes)
11% (965 votes)
23% (2058 votes)
11% (990 votes)
12% (1052 votes)
1% (65 votes)
3% (225 votes)
8% (683 votes)
13% (1182 votes)
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Other (tell us in the comments)
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Recently come back to Gubuntu after many years of Xubuntu.
Also used Elementary, Mint, Vector, #!

Debian, desktop and server.


I was an elementary OS for a long time, now I really don't care. If the distro runs i3wm properly, I couldn't care less about what's under the hood (it's elementary OS currently because I'm too lazy to reinstall the system).

Kubuntu on Laptop and Desktop

Laptop, and desktop

Antergos :)

Xubuntu LTS for desktops, Ubuntu Mini LTS on servers.

gentoo and centos

Bodhi Linux - now with Moksha, a fork of Enlightenment. Ubuntu LTS based.

Gentoo ~amd64

I was a big fan of Mint but I don't like where the project is going and I've outgrown the ubuntu hand holding.
I also prefer a distribution that is updated faster to the latest version of the apps that I use.
I may try a "pure" arch linux in the near future.

xubuntu 15.10 on my desktop because it is fast and does the job nicely ;-)

elementary OS

I use frequently Mint, Zorin for watching movies and Manjaro for listening to music. But sometimes I use Chakra or Ubuntu just because they are beautiful distros.

Lubuntu in one desktop, and Ubantu in another desktop. Both are very stable and easy to use!

Gentoo - xfce & cinnamon with openrc...

Ubuntu Mate. Linux mint Debian Jessie, Puppy

XUbuntu & CentOS

Been using Slackware for more than 5 years now. It is robust and recommended for those who really want to learn and understand GNU/Linux.

Ubuntu 14.04/64 bits + cinnamon 2.8 + synapse .

elementary OS. I love its simplicity and great design.

11 computers here on the farm. We need something stable that just works without problems. To that end, we use Mint on our laptops and desktops, and Arch on our server

elementary OS. After trying many Linux distros and customize with Luna and now with Freya I found the desktop that I really works for me

Elementary OS. It's beautiful and it works perfectly well. What more could I ask for? ;)

Elementary is my current favorite, as a dual boot on my Macbook, and also on my old Dell netbook.


Now trying Deepin, and allway use elementary OS.

Slackware, Gentoo and PCLinuxOS on different PCs.

For the last ten years, Gentoo!

elementary OS ;)


Debian testing since 1998 (with sysVinit), currently also trying Devuan.

I run Ubuntu in around 100 machines at my school.

elementary OS !

Antergos or Elementary OS (y)

Elementary OS on desktop and laptop

Slackware since 1995

Linux Lite on a desktop