's Community Moderator program

Community Moderator program


The Community Moderator program identifies key contributors and advocates and provides them with a framework for contributing to the growth and editorial development of Community Moderators also advise the team on future decisions regarding the site and community.


When a contributor becomes a Community Moderator, the staff will send a welcome kit documenting guidelines for collaborating with the team and resources for successfully participating in the program.

Requirements for consideration in Community Moderator program

Community Moderator expectations

These are the expectations for participating in the Community Moderator program:

  • A one-year commitment
  • Quarterly 30-minute 1:1 check-in with community manager
  • Annual 1:1 evaluation to renew or complete commitment
  • Contribute content (articles, polls, resources, videos, etc.)
  • Promote content (articles, polls, resources, videos, etc.) on social media and syndication networks
  • Moderate and contribute comments
  • Attend at least one Community Moderator meeting per quarter (a virtual/conference call)

Contributing content strives to publish a majority of our content from the open source community. The Community Moderators are a key component to achieving this goal. This section defines how moderators can contribute content and outlines the goals and expectations for their commitment.

  1. Publishing articles: Publishing original articles on timely topics, conducting interviews as part of event partnerships, and writing weekly news round-ups is a top priority for Community Moderators.
  2. Publishing resource pages: Contributing resource pages are also ways to create original content. Resource pages are reference pages that need to be updated to stay current (e.g., "What is open science?"). editors have an unpublished wishlist and will work with moderators to create resource content.
  3. Curating content: Content curation is another way to contribute. Invite colleagues, students, and other open source community members to write for us. Help them understand the mission and goals of, and suggest article ideas based on their passion and expertise. (Example: "You have a great story to share. You should consider submitting a proposal to I'll introduce you to the editors.")

In lieu of writing content for, moderators who successfully curate content from other open source community members will be credited for those contributions. Curated content expectations are the same as written contributions. For example, a moderator who works with an editor to help a contact publish their first article on the site can count that article toward their Community Moderator goals.

Community Moderator goals

Community Moderators can meet their annual goals by completing one of the following categories or a combination of them. (For example: One resource page counts as three regular articles or curated articles.)

  • Publish at least one article or interview per month or 12 per year; or
  • Publish at least one resource page per quarter or four per year; or
  • Curate at least one published article per month or 12 per year.

Community nurturing: Moderators should plan to assist with comment gardening and promoting content (articles, polls, resources, videos, etc.) on social media and other online platforms. Although community nurturing isn't a measurable contribution, it is an integral part of being in the moderator program.

Moderator benefits

  • Access to a global publishing platform and distribution system
  • Access to worldwide collaborative community of open source advocates and activists
  • Receive Community Moderator welcome kit
  • Receive Community Moderator badge on your profile
  • Receive Comment Gardener badge and comment moderation privileges
  • Receive priority editing from editing team
  • Receive one vote in annual Moderator's Choice Award
  • Receive group Community Moderator access on LinkedIn Open source professionals group
  • Addition to Community Moderator email list
  • Addition to Meet the team page
  • Opportunity to expand professional network
  • Opportunity to develop open source leadership skills
  • Opportunity to be part of a global open source project

Optional perks

  • Invitation to weekly Community Moderator meeting and conference call
  • Invitation to an annual in-person Community Moderator meeting and All Things Open conference held in Raleigh, NC (to qualify for consideration, minimum Community Moderator goals must be met at least 12 weeks prior to scheduled meeting)

Exiting the Community Moderator program:

Although we request a 1-year commitment when joining the moderator program, we understand that moderators may need to exit the program early if their situations change or they are unable to meet the program expectations. Please notify the community management team if you need to suspend or end participation early.

Quarterly 1:1 meetings are a chance to revisit program expectations and decide whether the moderator program is still a right fit for individual participants. Upon exiting the program:

  • Participants will be added to the Community Moderator Alumni section of the Meet the team page and, optionally, may keep their email alias.
  • Former moderators can re-apply to the program after 6 months; the minimum requirements listed above must still be met.

If you are interested in becoming a monthly contributor or would like to be considered for a Community Moderator role, contact the team.