A recap of open source from September 2013

Open source highlights September

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Coming off a record month at Opensource.com, September was another great month for our community. It's time to take a look at the top five articles, the hottest topics, our open source conference interview series, and a few things you may have missed.

We published 46 articles in September 2013—including several posts from our community moderators and many from our open source community of contributors. We continue to see growth on the site. In 2011, we had 109,000 pages views and in 2012 we saw 118,000 pages views. Last month, we had an amazing 193,000 page views.

Join our community and vote on articles, add your comments, and share what you think is interesting. Maybe even share your open source story with us!

Top 5 articles in September

  1. Back to school with open source: Five tools for less stress and better learning — 6,786 page views
  2. Afraid someone will steal your idea? — 3,480 page views
  3. Three open source school management software programs for teachers and student — 3,074 page views
  4. Do you have a cloud exit strategy? Here’s one clear path. — 2,617 page views
  5. OpenProject: Team collaboration redesigned — 2,442 page views

All Things Open conference interview series

The Opensource.com team is very excited about the upcoming All Thing Open conference on October 23 and 24. We have interviewed over 20 of the speakers, asking them about how they got started in open source, what they're working on now, and what they'll be talking about at the conference. Here are a few:

Hot topics

Open source in education is a popular subject with our readers. Check out...

  • My interview with the Cofounder and CTO of Coursefork, called the GitHub of course creation
  • Highlights from a year of implementing Linux desktop at Westcliff High School from Stu Jarvis of KDE Software
  • A guide to free and open source education by educator and Opensource.com community moderator Carolyn Fox 

Our guides to creating eBooks were also popular in September. We have two: one by Bryan Behrenshausen (he documented a process he developed over the summer for creating Opensource.com eBooks). In response to this article we received a guest post from Heiko Rupp on how to create an eBook using AsciiDoc. Try it yourself!

Topics on supporting open source projects, what's next for open government, and beat making software rounded out our other popular articles.

  • Ginny Skalski interviewed the CEO from BountySource to learn how open source project can raise money through crowdfunding
  • Mark Bohannon took an opportunity to look ahead at the second half of 2013 and share some thoughts on open government
  • Two passionate musicians from Chapel Hill, NC aim to make a difference for young and aspiring musicians with open source beat making software.

You may have missed...

We hope you enjoyed September on Opensource.com. What was your favorite article or discussion? What didn't you see that you would have liked to?

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