Open source taught in school?

Do kids learn about open source in school?

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98 votes tallied
16 votes
No, unfortunately.
76 votes
Maybe, but it could be better.
6 votes

If you answered Yes!, were you thinking of the principles of the open source way? Sharing, collaboration, transparency, and failing faster are all methods many teachers across grade school classrooms use to teach kids and help them learn about the world.

Some more than others, perhaps? Or, do you know kids who learn about open source software or hardware in grade level school? Our readers could learn something from you. Share it in the comments.

Or, do you feel that No, unfortunately they don't learn anything about open source? Do you define open principles in a different way or is there something really missing in kids education today? Perhaps you just feel that Maybe, but it could be better. Educate us in the comments.


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