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How being online changes how we think about the traditional research paper

The academic paper is old—older than the steam engine, the pocket watch, the piano, and the light bulb. The first journal, Philosophical Transactions...Read more

Back to school series features open resources for kids

school supplies for back to school will be hosting two weeks of open education content from September 8 - 19 featuring educators, students, and others writing about...Read more

Code for Germany project launches

In July 2014, the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany launched the Code for Germany project to get civic tech pioneers and open data enthusiasts...Read more

Open source communities start to buzz about edX

David Baumgold of edX shares his recap of his experience at OSCON 2014, which included a talk about MOOCs, open source, and education.Read more

Back to school! 5 excellent open education resources

It's back to school for many kids in the United States, and soon to be so for many others around the world. While open source software and hardware...Read more

Do kids learn about open source in school?

If you answered Yes! , were you thinking of the principles of the open source way ? Sharing, collaboration, transparency, and failing faster are all...Read more

Tunapanda spreads digital literacy in Africa

Group bringing digital literacy to Africa uses almost exclusively open source software and aims to maintain an open source business mindset.Read more

Upgrading libraries to open source Koha system

Melissa Lefebvre is interviewed for Careers in Open Source Week at on her experience as an operations manager for the open source...Read more