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Hampshire College distributes free software bundle to all incoming students

open undergraduate college
Hampshire student and FSF campaigns organizer Kira shares the success of their ambitious project to help fellow students get started with free...Read more

Open Faculty Expertise grant helps teachers gain necessary expertise

teacher learner
A group of colleagues— Stoney Jackson (Western New England University), Sean Goggins (Drexel University), Darci Burdge (Nassau Community College),...Read more

Open source provides schools with low-cost, high quality software

open source in education
Open source can provide schools with high quality, well-functioning IT solutions at low cost, according to a case study done by VTT, a Finnish...Read more

When I realized why open source rocks

participation in open source
West Virginia: a state made up entirely of the Appalachian Mountain range. Whether you're there to experience the beautiful New River Gorge, or to...Read more

Parents of non-traditional learners advocate for open education

follow the child
While Thomas Edison is often lauded as the most prolific American inventor, his mother, Nancy Edison, and how she fostered an open education and an...Read more

Zimbabwe pushes for open education despite oppression

make things better
Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. For many years, it was regarded as the breadbasket of Africa. But...Read more

Scratch, a programming language for kids

Scratch is a free educational programming language for kids, available in 50 different languages and runs on just about any modern computer: Linux,...Read more

Graduate students in Finland solve real problems beyond the classroom

education the key
The School of Business and Information Management at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) created an open source project management software...Read more