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How to teach student sys admins

Book stack
Student sys admins need hands-on, practical experience with a wide variety of software. We look at how one professor trains future system...Read more

Back to school: 5 open source programs for students and teachers

school supplies for back to school
Charlie Reisinger takes a look at a few affordable and stress-free open source software tools to help students and teachers make learning fun and...Read more

Teaching DevOps and open source to a new generation

Open Source in Education chalkboard
Computer science courses at universities are great at teaching algorithms, basic principles, and the theoretical foundation of computing. While these...Read more

Teaching students the value of open source

Why teach students open source values? Rishi Hindocha explains.Read more

Do you know the Digital Humanities? 3 easy ways to learn more

Three resources to learn more about the Digital Humanities: the meeting of technology and the humanities.Read more

Teach coding with games: a review of Codewars and CodeCombat

Teacher Horst Jens tests and reviews to learn-to-code sites: CodeCombat and Codewars.Read more

Explore the night sky with these two open source apps

Take a look at two open source applications that bring the far reaches of space a little bit closer.Read more

Open source and open data's role in modern meteorology

Just as chemistry students learn not only chemistry but lab procedures and equipment, so too must meteorology students learn about the tools of their...Read more