Webinar on real-time IoT data analytics, visualization and collection with open-source Kaa IoT, Apache Cassandra and Apache Zeppelin

In the course of the webinar we will set up an end-to-end solution comprising Kaa, Apache Cassandra and Apache Zeppelin to demonstrate their cumulative capabilities for collecting, analyzing and visualizing large sets of data in real time.

The Kaa IoT Platform will be used for frontline activities, that is real-time data collection across connected physical assets and dispatching that data to Cassandra for further processing and storage. Using Zeppelin notebook integrated with Cassandra, the user will be able to execute analytics queries over collected data and generate insightful charts and reports.

Building a full-service infrastructure for IoT assets monitoring and analytics couldn’t ever be more straightforward. Using blueprints provided on the webinar, you will be able to set up a professional IoT/Big Data analytics solution in next to no time.

The expected duration is about 60 minutes, including the Q&A session.

Event Details


21 Jan 2016